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New Port SA 5016

PO Box 7024
West Lakes SA 5021

 +61 8 7120 2273

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DBSA Dragon Boats - List (location/status)

DBSA Boat Maintenance - Club Allocations 

DBSA Trailer Registrations:

Registration Description Location Registration Expiry
YGX178 Umpire Boat trailer Sailing Club Container 30/01/2020
S443TDH DBSA 2 Boat White trailer Sailing Club 23/02/2020
S504TAW DBSA Blue Equipment trailer Sailing Club 07/04/2020
YFJ996 Olympic DB trailer - blue Victor Harbour 29/06/2020
TZG269 Homemade single trailer Wallaroo 03/10/2020
YGG153 Penang Dragon Boat trailer Sailing Club 30/11/2019
YFJ996 Olympic trailer -  blue Sailing Club 29/06/2020
WC141S Powerboat Sailing Club 09/01/2020
TSN866 Caravan Sailing Club 04/09/2020