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Port Adelaide SA 5016

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DBSA Board

DBSA Board 2017/18: 

President: Chris Kelley Water Warriors richmondtab@gmail.com
Vice-President Female: Chris Wood ACDC chris.wood@senet.com.au
Vice-President Male: Vi  Duong Black Dragons viduong@adam.com.au
Secretary: Sharon Knights Subsonix shazdbsa@gmail.com
Treasurer: Jennifer Bould Life Member Jbould80@hotmail.com
Board: Maria Darby Subsonix mariadarbs@gmail.com
  Tanya Mitchell Water Warriors tanyamitchell22@gmail.com


Portfolio Holders:

Participation & Development:

Chris Wood, Tanya Mitchell


Chris Kelley

Racing Committee:

Maria Darby, John Holland


Sharon Knights, Chris Wood


Chris Kelly, John Holland

High Performance:

Vi Duong, Chris Wood, Chris Kelley

Board Contacts for Clubs:

Sharon Knights:

Copper Coast, Subsonix, Phoenix

Chris Kelley:

ASD, Water Warriors, ACDC

Christine Wood:


Jennifer Bould:

ASA, Blade Runners

Vi Duong:

Black Dragons, Waiwilta

Tanya Mitchell:

Coorong Dragons, Vicki's Pride

Maria Darby:

Blue Water Raiders, DAPL,

John Holland:

Victor Dragons, DA Adelaide

Feel free to contact Chris Wood on 8242 2440 or 0419 835 358 if you have any queries.

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