Since 1985, the Dragon Boat SA has had more than a dozen teams competing in regular competitions, with many more competing on a social basis.

The teams have been fortuitous in attracting quality sponsorship over the years, through such companies and organisations as the Australian Submarine Corporation, ETSA Utilities, General Motors Holden, Australia Post, TransAdelaide, The Body Workshop, The Repatriation General Hospital, Banker's Trust, Wendy's Icecreams, The Bank of Hong Kong and many other businesses. Many organisations had their own teams.

The standard crew complement of a contemporary dragon boat is around 22, comprising 20 paddlers in pairs facing toward the bow of the boat, 1 drummer or caller at the bow facing toward the paddlers, and 1 steerer or tiller(helm) at the rear of the boat, although for races it is common to have just 18 paddlers. Dragon boats vary in length and crew size will vary accordingly, from small dragon boats with 10 paddlers, up to the massive traditional boats which have upwards of 50 paddlers, plus a drummer and steerer.

Dragon Boat racing is a summer sport however there are some clubs that train in winter in preparation for overseas events. In South Australia, Dragon Boat races occur at Oarsmen Reserve, Aquatic Reserve, the Torrens River and the Port River. South Australia also has a very competitive state team who have been very successful at almost every National Championships, and as a result have successfully represented Australia at the international level.