DBSA Board 2021/22: 

President: Peter Button  Powerblades   peter.button@sa.gov.au
Vice-President - Female: Maria Darby  Subsonix   mariadarbs@gmail.com
Vice-President - Male: Vi Duong Black Sea Dragons   viduong@adam.com.au
Secretary: Julie Clinch Bladerunners   info@dragonboatsa.com
Treasurer: Deb Grant-Clark Adelaide Phoenix   finance@dragonboatsa.com
Committee: Mick Cahill Powerblades   pbdbsa@gmail.com
  Mary-Ann Holt ASA   holtz4@bigpond.com
  Julie Lister Subsonix  


  Christine Wood ACDC   chris.wood@senet.com.au


Portfolio Holders:

Participation & Development:

Vi Duong working with Chris Wood


 Mick Cahill

Racing Committee:

 To be rotated


Mick Cahill

Sweep Liaison:

 Julie Clinch

High Performance:

 Vi Duong working with Jule Lister


Julie Clinch


Under ROMP role reps - refer to AusDBF website


Mary-Ann Holt


Debra Grant-Clark

Policies & Procedures:

Maria Darby

Social Media / Website:

Marie Cunningham

Board Contacts for Clubs:

Peter Button: ACDC
Mick Cahill: Waiwilta + regional Clubs
Julie Lister: Bladerunners, Powerblades, SADA
Vi Duong: Adelaide Phoenix, Subsonix
Debra Grant-Clark BSD
Mary-Ann Holt: DAA
Julie Clinch: ASA
Vi Duong: Adelaide Phoenix, ASA
Chris Wood: Water Warriors

Please contact Marie Cunningham on 0409 144 122 or admin@dragonboatsa.com if you have any queries.

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO)

Mick Cahill (DBSA)                       pbdsa@gmail.com

Julianne Kuhlmann (SADA)         julieanne1960@gmail.com

Meeting Dates 2022:

Wed 12-Jan Thu 06-Jan
Wed 08-Feb Wed 09-Feb
Tue 15-Feb (Governance) Wed 23-Feb
Wed 16-Feb (PF) Tue 15-Mar
Thu 10-Mar  
Wed 13-Apr  
Tue 10-May  
Thu 12-May (PF)  
Thu 09-Jun  
Tue 12-Jul  
Wed 10-Aug  
Thu 18-Aug (AGM / PF)  
Tue 13-Sep  
Wed 12-Oct  
Mon 07-Nov  
Tue 13-Dec  

DBSA Charters:

Maintenance Committee
Sweeps Committee
Racing Committee
High Performance Committee
Promotion & Development Committee
Volunteers & Officials
Website Committee