We welcome visiting paddlers to join us at any time during our Sunday morning or summer Thursday night sessions.

From a dream, two survivors and two supporters, no boat, no sweep and no equipment, we have evolved in nearly twenty years to an active and enthusiastic group of 17 survivors, 29 supporters, two boats and our own boat shed built and paid for. Our supporters are a valued part of our team and we welcome both survivors and supporters in the community to become members.

We are very grateful for the ongoing and generous support of our loyal sponsors, all local businesses, and the generous support of our 15,000 strong citizens and considerable farming and fishing community.

Distance is a challenge for us as we are so far from other paddling groups. However, we do participate regularly in regattas within South Australia and internationally.

Dragons Afloat Port Lincoln’s key focus is to promote breast cancer awareness through dragon boating. We are proud supporters of Breast Cancer Network Australia, our local McGrath breast care nurse, and of the International Breast Cancer Paddling Commission.

Paddling within the marina channels and into the bay on calm days, we train for regattas by practising race procedures following the instructions of our coach and sweep. We have fun trying different paddling techniques and enjoy showing off our skills to the marina residents, fishermen and recovering footballers as we paddle past. We share the channels and bay with fishing boats, yachts and other leisure craft. Dolphins and seals often delight us. Another highlight is observing ospreys nesting and raising their chicks on a barge in the bay. Approaching the Marina Hotel at the end of our training session, we enjoy singing our club song and saluting our supporters and hotel diners with raised paddles.

Our passion for paddling is matched only by our love and enjoyment of life in our beautiful part of Australia. We welcome visiting paddlers to join us at any time during our 9:00am Sunday morning (throughout the year) or our 6:00pm daylight saving paddles.​

Contact Details:                Sharon Bradbery - Mobile  0428 868 460

Training Times:                 Sunday 9am  Port Lincoln Marina Boat Ramp All year round
                                            Wednesday night Daylight Saving Time 6pm

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