Facebook Group - Kangaroo Island Dragons

Kangaroo Island Dragons started in December 2014 with a boat brought over to Kangaroo Island by John Holland and Christine Wood. They were contacted by Ron and Mary-Alice Swan who had previously paddled in Queensland with 1770 Dragons for two seasons. They love the sport so much they decided to start a club on their Island home from American River. John and Christine encouraged and supported the eager paddlers who arrived at the first successful ‘Come and Try Day’.


  • A Constitution and a registered group
  • Regular paddling sessions twice a week
  • Competed in our first competition in Adelaide in 2015 in the 15th Australian Masters Games in 4 events with positive results.
  • Second ‘Come and Try Day’ with John and Christine’s participation and support. A very successful day with 21 current members and new paddlers trying each week.

Boat Location and training area:

Launching at the American River Boat ramp and paddling in the waters of American River and Pelican Lagoon.

Training Times:

Wednesday         5.30 pm to 6.30 pm (day light savings time)

Sunday                8.30 am to 9.30 am (day light savings time) Followed by Coffee and Cake at the American River camp ground shelter


Email: KIDragonboatclub@gmail.com

Mary-Alice Swan (President) Phone: 0427 610 268
Jaz Gotham (Secretary) Phone:  0449 097 816   
Sharon Clark (Treasurer) Phone: 0407 971 343                          
Janet Simpson (Committee member) Phone: 0429 021 128