Formed in 2013, the Victor Dragons are based in Encounter Bay. Our two dragon boats are a regular sight year round for those living or holidaying on Encounter Lakes, (Sunday and Wednesday mornings, weather permitting). The Victor Dragons promote dragon boating for fitness, fun and social interaction within our community. While many club members choose to enjoy the social and low impact aspects of our sport, a growing group train at a higher level with members participating in regular competitions throughout the state. Indeed opportunities exist to participate at national and international level. Our race teams, Women’s 10’s and Open 10’s, compete in B Grade competition over 200m. At some meetings we combine with other clubs to compete in Open 20’s events.

Dragon Boating techniques improve fitness and are easy to learn. Dragon boating is a team sport easily accommodating a broad range of fitness and skill levels and a wide range of age levels.

The majority of our members are aged 60+, although through strong recruiting we have an increasing number of younger members. All age groups from 11 years and over are welcome to join.

Whether your interest is fitness, social and/or competitive paddling, check us out:

Place:  Encounter Lakes, Encounter Bay
John Crompton Reserve
Cr Tabernacle Road and Nicolas Baudin Drive, Encounter Bay

Training times
Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 9.15am

New Members
We welcome all members of the public to ‘Come and Try’. All interested paddlers are given 4 free ‘Come and Try’ sessions before making a commitment to membership.

Maxine, phone 0410 507 173
Les, phone 0408532505

to arrange to attend training sessions.

We appreciate prior notice of attendance to allow introductory training for new paddlers and to allow appropriate loading of boats.