Merlin Paddles Partnership Announcement

Saturday 20 February 2021

Through this partnership, DBSA Member clubs and paddlers can save significantly on purchase of these high quality, Australian products.

Merlin are a 100% owned Australian company, and the original pioneers of the IDBF carbon fibre dragon boat paddle. Our aim in partnering with Merlin is to support Australian manufacturing, and to help equip all paddlers within South Australia with top quality paddles at manufacturer prices. Merlin paddles do not use distributors so are able to supply paddles directly from their quality-controlled factory. They also supply paddle bags, seats and the latest Dragon Skin paddle grips.

SA Clubs, who wish to take advantage of this offer, are invited to set up a club specific sticker design with Merlin, which may be applied to newly purchased paddles free of charge. Clubs and individual paddlers may deal with Merlin directly to purchase new paddles, and $30 will be discounted on selected IDBF approved paddles (SD3 and CD4 at this stage). When a paddle is purchased online by an individual team member, Merlin will also add the paddler’s name free of charge to prevent paddles getting muddled up on race days.

DBSA receives no financial benefit from this arrangement, this partnership is for the benefit of our member clubs, individual members and Association purchases.

If clubs are looking to purchase team sets of paddles then direct contact with Merlin paddles will provide, in addition to the individual discounts, the best deal with discounts available to all SA Clubs.

Company name: Merlin Paddles Pty Ltd.
The Merlin workshop is based on the northern beaches of Sydney.
Phone: 0410 656 931
Glenn Smyth - (Workshop) Technical - Design and Manufacturing
Wendy Smyth - (Office) Customer Service and Delivery

Offer details:

  • To streamline purchasing and to allow individual paddlers from clubs to purchase directly with Merlin Paddles, Merlin will set up clubs with a logo or design for that club, using the clubs design, or Merlin is happy to provide a design. (Each Club can have one design only.
  • DBSA members will receive a $30 discount on the SD3 or CD4 paddles.
  • The CD4 is $320 with a Tee Bar Handle. A $30 discount on the CD4 brings this to $290.00 for any SA member.
  • The SD3 is $240 with a Tee bar handle. A $30 discount on the SD3 brings this to $210.00 for any SA member.
  • If a member chooses their club design set up on Merlin's website, then the paddle will already be discounted.
  • The paddle purchase will include the club logo/ or design sticker for that clubs paddle in addition to the club members name on the paddle (this avoids confusion if all clubs end up with the same paddle) The sticker is priced at $20 per paddle and is provided free of charge with the purchase.
  • If they choose a CD4 or SD3 from Merlin's standard range (at normal price), or without club logo, name or design, Merlin will refund $30.00 as they fill the order. The refund will be triggered by the SA address.
  • Freight is additional to the cost of the paddle and for each individual order, freight is fixed at $10. Purchasers that require delivery to an area outside of Metropolitan Adelaide will not be penalised with additional freight costs
  • Once a design is set up for a specific club’s paddle, it will be available online through Merlin paddles website and any member of the club can go online and order it direct at the price above and with the extras as detailed.
  • If clubs would like to order in bulk (10 or more), then contact Merlin directly to negotiate a bulk order and delivery price better than the individual pricing. This may include add-ons or greater discounts or both depending on the order.
Merlin Paddles Partnership Announcement