The documents below are all relevant to racing and the current season:

Race Program & RC Meeting Schedule 2023/24 - v5 240201 Appeal Form
Racing rules for 2000m Turn Races (pg 2) Protest Form
AusDBF Rules of Racing v11 AusDBF Exemption Application Form

Race Day Jury Form

Risk Assessment - DBSA Events
Event Notice for Residents Risk Assessment - Torrens Lake
Club Race Task Rotation List -  email Setting up FinishLynx Camera
Adelaide City Council - Permit Season 2023/24  PFD Exemption 2023/24
Charles Sturt Council - Aquatic Permit Season 2023/24  Boat allocation roster - 1Dec23

AusDBF Safety drill dragon boat tip over video

Umpire's Boat - Instructions
Tent placement - Aquatic Reserve West Lakes Courses - Training Maps
Online booking of DBSA Training equipment & Family boats Chief Official's Report - template

Setting up of Courses

Setup 200m Drummers Toggle Line - Aquatic Reserve
Setup 500m Drummers Toggle Line - Aquatic Reserve
Setup 200m Sweeps Toggles - Torrens

Setting up Finish Line - Torrens v1

Setting up Start & Finish Line - A.M. Ramsay Regatta Course

Setting up Start & Finish Line - Scullers Reserve

Setting Up Finish Line - Aquatic Reserve

Scullers Reserve - Clubs' Tent placements for 200m events

Scullers Reserve - Clubs Tent placements for 500m events

Aquatic Reserve - Clubs Tent placements for 200 & 500m events

Wallaroo Marina Challenge


Task Lists

Race Day Task List - Pub & Corporate Challenge - v6

Race Day Task List - Aquatic/Torrens/Ramsay/Scullers/Peter Bristow - v6 22Jan24