20th Corporate Challenge

Sunday 05 February 2023  |  
Location: Aquatic Reserve, West Lakes

If interested in participating in this event please download the below forms and submit to DBSA Secretary: secretary@dragonboatsa.com before Sunday 22 January 2023.

Corporate Challenge - Team Sheet

Corporate Challenge - Entry Form

Corporate Challenge - Information Sheet

Team Composition

Teams will have no more than 12 people on board – 10 paddlers, a Drummer and a Sweep.  DragonBoat SA will provide all teams with a fully accredited Sweep and Drummer.  Minimum age for a paddler is 10 years of age.  A maximum of 12 paddlers can be nominated on the Team Sheet (which includes 2 interchange/reserve paddlers).  Minimum paddler numbers to race is 8.


Crew Composition

Teams may race in 3 categories (subject to entries), if they choose to – Open, Mixed, Womens.  Crew compositions are:

  • Open teams can be comprised of either gender paddlers.
  • Mixed teams need to have a minimum of 5 of either gender paddlers. There needs to be a minimum of 8 paddlers in each team. If this option is not available, then the Open category can be entered.
  • Drummers and Sweeps can be of either gender.
  • Womens teams – all women (including sweep & drummer)

Conditions of Entry:

  • For safety reasons, it is a requirement of DragonBoat SA that each participant must have undertaken at least one training session before taking part in this race meeting.
  • As dragon boating is a strenuous sport, if you have any concerns about your health, we advise you to consult your doctor before participating.
  • All participants must abide by the race rules and requirements of the events organisers whose decision in all matters relating thereto and to the suitability and eligibility of applicants is final and binding.
  • All participants waiver any claim on the event organisers which may otherwise arise from personal injury or death and damage arising from or caused by participation in the competition.
  • All participants will reimburse the event organisers for any damages or losses caused by the entrant to equipment provided by
    the event organisers.
  • All participants will utilise only equipment and fittings provided or required by the event organisers. (Paddles will be supplied if teams do not have their own).
  • DragonBoat SA will provide all teams with a fully accredited sweep and a drummer.
  • Every person in a boat must wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) – optional for DBSA Sweeps & Drummers. These will be supplied by DragonBoat SA.
  • Any protests must be lodged in writing and accompanied by $20 cash protest fee within 15 minutes of completion of the protested race. The protest fee is only refundable if the protest is successful.
  • All team participants must undertake an “on land capsize drill” arranged by your Organising Club before entering the water.
20th Corporate Challenge