First Aid Course - Sat 15-Apr

Saturday 15 April 2023  |  
Location: 18A Endeavour Drive, Port Adelaide

Location:            First In Sports First Aid – 18A Endeavour Drive, Port Adelaide
Time                  9:00am to 5:00pm

Preference is for Sweeps and Coaches initially in case the course is full.  If there is space to include additional numbers the cost will be $130 per person.

In order for this course to proceed, a minimum of x10 registrations are needed. RSVP please by 31 March.

DBSA will cover 50% subsidy for First Aid courses to a maximum of $80 for Sweeps and Coaches as part of their accreditation requirements.
This is available to metropolitan and regional Clubs if the course is undertaken outside of what DBSA offers.
If seeking reimbursement the Club must seek approval from the Board and submit a reimbursement claim form with the receipt and course details of the person attending the course to

Should the course proceed, Clubs will be able to initially register a maximum of three (Sweeps/Coaches) to undertake the course to give each Club the opportunity to attend as numbers may be restricted.

A reminder that all Sweeps are required to hold a current First Aid certificate.



First Aid Course - Sat 15-Apr